Community Contributions Initiatives

Djarum's philosophy springs from the values of our small-town roots. Civic values of community help, tolerance, and mutual assistance in the way that we work. Over time, our activities have evolved into community programs that focus on assisting our surrounding community.

Since 1951, Djarum Foundation has carried out various community programs ranging from mosquito (Aedes aegypti) eradication programs, fire prevention, blood drives, rainwater storage tanks, and free cataract operations, to tsunami or earthquake disaster, flood response assistance and humanitarian relief. Our employees are routinely take part in these efforts as a matter of course.

Key facts

  • Our many grass roots community Contributions is involved have a real impact on the lives of ordinary people.
  • We stand ready to assist the community with humanitarian relief in the case of major environmental disasters.

Djarum Foundation's Community Contributions program continues to uphold our tradition of helping people in their everyday lives, for the advancement of the Indonesian people.

  • Free Cataract Operations to decrease the rate of blindness in Central Java

  • Routine Djarum employee blood drives raises social consciousness and helps others

  • Fire-prevention and safety training to local resident to minimize fire disaster in Jakarta rural area

  • Construction of Infiltration well and storage tanks to secure drinking water supply during dry season