Educational Initiatives

Education is without doubt a fundamental human right that is key to improving our capacity and unlocking our potential, as well as to improving society. Access to education is more crucial than ever in a world where information is power.

In 1984 Djarum established a fund committed to raising the level of education and creating future leaders for Indonesia. Djarum Scholarships are given to highly qualified Bachelor degree candidates who have shown academic achievement, leadership ability and interpersonal skills.

The Djarum Scholarship Plus gives both financial support and soft skills training, honing recipients' abilities and skills to become intellectual leaders. As such, it is hoped that recipients can widen their horizons and develop the emotional and intellectual skills necessary to build Indonesia into a strong country capable of rising to future challenges.

Key facts

  • Providing scholarships for more than 30 years.
  • 10,355 students from 119 universities have received merit scholarship and leadership training.

Altogether, it is hoped that Djarum's Educational Initiatives will help to produce individuals who can contribute meaningfully to the continued development and progress of our nation.

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  • Nation Building activities give Djarum Scholarship Plus awardees a deeper understanding of the meaning and the essence of our nation through talk shows, cultural visits and performing arts.

  • Series of trainings that will form Djarum Beasiswa Plus awardees into a visionary leader with excellent communication and motivation skills.

  • Support and facilitate Djarum Beasiswa Plus awardees to represent Indonesia in various International conferences and competitions.

  • Enabling Djarum Beasiswa Plus awardees to commit in making a positive and sustained difference in their community.